Log In (*Fix is Not Opening*) Login: Let me guess! You have bought a new router from TP-Link and, you need to login to the dashboard to configure the settings, right? But it gave you a heart attack when you get ‘This site can’t be reached’, didn’t it? Normally, for a TP-Link modem user, typing into the address bar of the browser fetches the login screen.

Once you get the login screen, you can enter the default credentials into the fields. I guess you are the owner of this router and, you are using it for the first time. Owing to the fact that login credentials can only be changed after logging into the dashboard, it would be admin and admin respectively (both username and password).

In case you are using an old router with changed login details, you may not be able to sign into the dashboard with default credentials. From my experience, I found out that about ninety percent of the tech products come with these credentials.

How to Solve not available Issue?

So, here you want to know how to solve this issue with your TP-Link router, don’t you?

Here I am going to give you a simple method to solve this problem. Yeah, I mean it! The way to solving this issue is more than simple. If the following method doesn’t work in your case, you can move on to the next section here.

Step 1: First, you have to open your browser. I don’t recommend any specific browser here. You can use any one that suits your interest. In my case, it is Google Chrome.

Step 2: One last time, enter into the address bar. Most probably, you won’t get the login screen. If this is the case again, you need to enter either of the two IP addresses (Internet Protocol addresses) into the address bar. These are the IP addresses of TP-Link routers (192.168.l.l)

You should try both. For some modems, first one would be the right one. For others, it would the second.

Hopefully, you will get the login screen. Once you get it, just enter the default credentials (username-admin, password- admin) into the appropriate fields and hit Enter. There you go!

What if your issue doesn’t get solved with the above fix?

Check the following things

  • Make sure you have correctly connected to the wifi connection.
  • Ensure all the lights are on (sometimes, blinking lights or turned off LEDs depict the problem)
  • Troubleshoot problems for your network connections. Sometimes, this happens due to issues in network adapter.

If you followed every single thing shared here and all of them went in vain, the only method left to do is resetting your modem. You will have to configure everything from the beginning in case you have an old modem. This will not concern in the case of a new one. Simply, press and hold the reset button for about ten seconds. That’s it. Don’t turn it on for a few minutes.

Wrapping Up

I hope you know how to fix not working issue. If the problem prevails, you will have to contact your network administrator to sort out the same.

Make sure you correctly copy the IP addresses I have given and, paste them into the address bar of your browser. The first IP address did the trick for me.



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