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Jio the name which changed the way how people used to access the internet. Last year JIO bought a revolution right after the preview launch of Jio 4G in India. By the time when other mobile operators were charging as high as 250 INR for 1GB data, Jio, on the other hand, was offering unlimited 4G data for free.

With this major step of Jio, it bought other operators down to knees and they had no options rather than bringing competitive rates to Jio. In the whole process, we witnessed a sudden hike of internet users in India consuming more data than ever recorded in the history.

Last year Jio launched its wireless hotspot devices (MiFi) along with their own patented LYF smartphones. In this article, we will be covering the setup process of Jio Wireless Hotspot device using its host address which is jiofi.local.html.

Jiofi.local.html Admin Admin

How to Setup and Configure JioFi using Jiofi.local.html?

  1. Open up your internet browser while you are connected to JioFi and enter jiofi.local.html in the address bar.
  2. Now enter “administrator” as username and password both.
  3. Go to Settings > WiFi, put the new name on Network Name (SSID) of your choice.
  4. Open Settings > WiFi > Password to choose the new password for your WiFi Network.
  5. To change the default administrator password to login into Jiofi, open Settings > User Management.

Please Note: JioFi.local.html is a local domain name which redirects to It is exclusively used by JioFi routers. However, most of the wireless routers use other popular IP addresses like, or

Tethering the Internet on your PC using JioFi

You can access the internet on your PC by tethering while WiFi signals are still being released by Jio MiFi device. In order to do this, you need to connect the Jio Portable hotspot device to your PC using the micro USB slot.

When you connect Jio Mifi with your PC, it will charge JioFi as well as tether the PC. However, you can only connect one PC at a time as JioFi has a single micro USB slot.

Wrapping Up

JioFi Portable Hotspot device can be a boon if you don’t own a 4G device or want to connect multiple devices to the internet on the go.

We have discussed the basic and primary things which you will need while setting up the JioFi device. For further configurations, you can yourself open the admin panel and discover more.

If you have some questions or thoughts, feel free to share them down in the comments.

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