Wireless Router Login is a specific IP address which is assigned into routers by some manufacturers as the default address. The primary function of this IP address is to provide users a panel to configure the router.

What is the use of

This IP is the address to the admin panel of your router where you can change SSID, WiFi Password, DNS configuration, Manage connected users and even more. Admin Admin

How to Setup Router Using

  1. First of all open on your PC using your favorite internet browser.
  2. Now you will see a screen asking for username and password, which is administrator in most of the cases. If you don’t know the default password and “administrator” doesn’t work then you can refer to the user manual came with your router.
  3. Now go to your routers settings and find SSID (WiFi Network Name) and change the WiFi name according to your choice.
  4. Now in the password option, fill the new password which is hard to guess. It is always recommended to use combinations of alphabet, digits and special characters in passwords.

Please Note: All JioFi Router users has to Login on Jiofi.local.html.

Can’t Open

There are multiple reasons why you are unable to access the address, they are:

  • Your device is not connected to the router, check if your device is properly connected to your router over WiFi.
  • The host address of your router is different from Most probably it’s or, However, to find the actual host address; refer to the user manual came with your router.

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