Wireless Router Login is used as default IP address to access admin area by manufacturers like D-link and Netgear. Just like URLs in websites, this address is used to uniquely identify a device in a local network. Only a single device can use this address locally to avoid conflicts with other devices.

How to Login into Admin area using

  1. First of all, open your internet browser while you are connected to the router and enter in the address bar.
  2. Now a screen will appear asking for the username and password, for this, you can refer to the modem’s package or the user manual.
  3. Once you login into the admin area, you can change SSID, WiFi password, limit connections, blacklist users and much more.
  4. Always make sure to avoid connecting more than one device to to avoid errors. Admin Admin

How and Why to change WiFi Password of your Router

Changing the default password is the primary and important step after you setup your router. Just log in to to enter the admin panel of your router. Here you will find an option to change the WiFi password.

It is strongly recommended to use a mix of alphabet, numbers and special characters in WiFi security key. Also, try to avoid some common names such as your name or your pet’s name.

Unable to access

If you are unable to access this web address then there are possibly 3 reasons:

  • You are not connected to the router, make sure you are connected to it before trying to open
  • Many people confuse between O (alphabet O) and 0 (digit), so make sure you use 0 (digit) in
  • If it still doesn’t load then perhaps your router has different host address such as or You can refer to the user manual to find the accurate host address of your router.

Please Note: All JioFi Router users has to Login on Jiofi.local.html.

Final Verdict

We have tried to provide the primary information about which will help you to setup the admin panel. If you are looking for guide then you can refer to this article – Guide

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